Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Black Charm

Last month, we attended a course with Kelvin Chua, a very talented sugar artist from Malaysia.
The course was 3 days. We made 1 different cake design each day.

Here is some post of the project in Day #2 - The Black Charm.
*sorry i didn't take picture for the Day #1 project - The Flow of the Fantasy :(*

In this project, all the ornaments are made from black royal icing.. It's our first time to work with it.. some of the parts are very fragile, that we've to hold our breath when we're assembling it... ;p

The picture of the project


Butterfly wings.. 

Flower painting.. 

Assembling the hat.. 

Put it on top of the cake.. 

Pretty butterfly on the cake board

and... voila! The final result :) 

Dumont Cake

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