Monday, February 27, 2012

Pirates of the Carribean!

This Pirates of the Carribean themed cupcake set of 16 was ordered as a surprise for Juju husband's birthday.

Pirate ship

Coconut tree at the sea shore

Treasure map

Message scroll on the beach sand

Captain Jack Sparrow

Treasure chest

Dumont Cake

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Gown

This is our 3rd day project of Kelvin Chua's course - The gown...
We made a dress and the "lace" on the 2nd tier was open to creativity.. we really feel like a fashion designer that day - fashion designing on a cake! Amazing experience :)

 Blank canvas waiting for our creativity :)

Adding the lace and the gems.. 

Touch up-ing the lace on the middle tier


Gold effect on the "fabric" 

Adding final touch - the flower on the top tier and on the skirt 

me & the talented sugar artist :) 

group photo session! ^_*

Dumont Cake

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Black Charm

Last month, we attended a course with Kelvin Chua, a very talented sugar artist from Malaysia.
The course was 3 days. We made 1 different cake design each day.

Here is some post of the project in Day #2 - The Black Charm.
*sorry i didn't take picture for the Day #1 project - The Flow of the Fantasy :(*

In this project, all the ornaments are made from black royal icing.. It's our first time to work with it.. some of the parts are very fragile, that we've to hold our breath when we're assembling it... ;p

The picture of the project


Butterfly wings.. 

Flower painting.. 

Assembling the hat.. 

Put it on top of the cake.. 

Pretty butterfly on the cake board

and... voila! The final result :) 

Dumont Cake

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kitchen Aid christmas cookies decorating

It's 2 months after christmas, but we still wanna share what's going on in our demo station last December. We are honored to have the opportunity to do a baking & decorating demo with Kitchen Aid at Central Park Mall, Jakarta.

The beautiful christmas cookies that we're going to decorate :) 

The ingredient preparation for the baking session 

Mixing the butter and sugar

Adding the flour.. 

Mixing it until well combined

Shaping the dough using cookie cutters 

Put it gently onto the prepared pan

 Ready to bake

The freshly baked cookies 

And then, the decorating session started :) 

Now it's time for the attendants to decorate their very own christmas cookies 

The beautiful results!

The three winners with their gifts ready to bring home. Congrats ladies! :) 

 Last but not least... group photo session! *yeaaaay* 

 Special thanks and sponsored by Kitchen Aid and Tepung Mila Serbaguna :) 

For more information on Kitchen Aid mixer, please visit Kitchen Art at Central Park Mall 2nd floor.
We're so excited to be a part of this amazing event. See you guys on the next one! :)

Dumont Cake

Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine edition 2012

If you have a person in your life with a shoulder to cry on.. an ear to listen.. a hand to catch you when you fall.. then this is a simple way to say that you are always thinking about them. They are close to your heart and you feel so blessed to have them in your life. 

Each package is made only in limited quantity. All cake and cookies are freshly baked and using only the finest ingredients.

Valentine edition pre-order closed at Feb 7, 2012. 
Pick up & delivery date: Feb 13-14, 2012. 

Garden bench package
A set of 3 forever friends cupcakes sitting on a beautiful garden bench setting 

Heart package
A set of 6 cupcakes in a charming heart box decorated with beautiful flowers 

Please note that the decorations and ornaments on the boxes might change based on availability.

For order and more information on our Valentine edition, please drop us an email at:

Dumont Cake