Friday, October 29, 2010

Christmas edition 2010

Xmas season is just around the corner..
Let's give way to santa, the elves and the reindeers..
We launched this xmas edition as a perfect gift for your loved ones.

We'd really appreciate it if you place your order before Dec 15, 2010 so we can deliver it on time for your christmas celebration

3-layered mocca cake.
Cake diameter : 15 cm
Packaging : round red box with ribbons

We also present a combination of our two best-seller items that comes in one beautiful package:

HAZELNUT COOKIES : Feel the crunchiness of ground hazelnut and valrhona crunchy pearl on top of it in every bite!!

BUTTER COOKIES : One of the classic cookies that doesn't need any special reason to be consumed. An all-time favorite! :)

Simple christmas packaging containing 2 jars of your own preferred cookies...

3 mini jars of delicious cookies:
- Hazelnut cookies
- Butter cookies
- Palmstick cookies (our newest item)

Christmas cupcake set of 6 packed in simply beautiful red drawer box

Dumont Cake

Saturday, October 23, 2010

One month old baby celebration

We're here to join the happiness of the arrival of your new bundle of joy.
Feel free to let us know what you have in mind to customize your order. From the cake design, the content of the package, to the type of packaging itself. We'll try our best to make it happen :)

Baby boy's set

Baby girl's set

Dumont Cake

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anniversary cupcake set

Mila pesen cupcake set isi 16 pcs untuk celebrate 42nd anniversary parents nya..

Mila minta ada foto parents nya as bride & groom.. and foto anak2 & menantunya..

The bride & groom that has been happily married for 42 years :)

Afi & Aling is bringing gifts, a symbol of the blessing & caring that runs in the family

The holy bible simbolizes the family's life principles that they always hold with faith in their hearts. And the wedding rings simbolizes the unity of the family

Andre brings candles that symbolize their parents' family that has been a light for other families around them.
Nining brings a 2-tier wedding cake that symbolizes the sweetness of the 42 years of marriage that their parents have gone through.

The gold simbolizes the prosperity that has always been in the family *Mila specifically ask for the shape of gold that is used in the old kung fu movies hahaha... good idea Mil ;)
And the beautiful roses represents the beauty & fragrant of the family.

The cross represents the symbol of the family that always put their trust in Jesus Christ and willing to sacrifice for others.
And the baby represents a family that has been blessed with a perfect descendant.

I love the way Mila describes the 42 years of her parents' marriage on a cupcake set .. The symbols specifically asked to show how meaningful the journey have been for both her parents and their children. A very good example of marriage to set for the younger generation.. Hope we can all have one like the one her parents have... Thanks for ordering Mil! :)

Dumont Cake

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Stay cool" cupcake set

This time it's monic's dad turn to get a surprise from her daughter...
Monic ordered this cupcake set for his dad's birthday...

Stay cool!!
xoxo, Chris & Niq

Monic's dad wearing shorts with stack of cash at his sides ^-*

He loves badminton...


and travelling..

Thanks for ordering Mon!

Dumont Cake

Monday, October 11, 2010

"From Australia & Singapore with love" cupcake set

Monic pesenin cupcake set ini untuk her mom's birthday...
Since koko nya monic tinggal di aussie & monic nya stay di singapore.. jadi monic minta tema: from australia & singapore with love *kaya film hehehehe*...

ini foto cupcake set nya:

From Australia..

and from Singapore...

with lots of love...

From: Chris & Niq ^^

Thanks for ordering Mon!

Dumont Cake

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kayla's 2 tier cake

A 2-tier cake to celebrate baby Kayla's turning 1 month old! ^^

k.i = kayla iora ;)

Dumont Cake

Thomas train cupcake set

Ci Yenny pesen cupcake set dengan tema Thomas untuk bday anaknya yang ke-5

Happy 5th birthday Ryan!
Thanks for ordering Ci Yen! :)

Dumont Cake

Friday, October 1, 2010

Taekwondo cake & cupcakes

Ci Fenny yg bulan lalu pesen cupcake set untuk bday mertua nya.. kali ini pesen bday cake yg dikelilingin cupcakes utk anaknya, Tristan.
Since Tristan lagi demen banget sama taekwondo *inspired sama film karate kid kata ci Fenny hehehe* jadi dibikinin kue nya pake tema itu..

Tristan in taekwondo outfit..

Individual packaging untuk ngebagi2in cupcakes nya after acara tiup llilin :)

Thanks for ordering ci Fen!
Happy 6th birthday Tristan.. hope u like ur bday cake :)

Dumont Cake