Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yellow.. yellow duck!

This cake set is ordered for Cedric's 1st birthday celebration.
The design for the cake is requested to accomodate Cedric's favorite toy which is a cute yellow duck that he holds wherever he goes.

Here is the picture of Cedric & his yellow duck :)

The packaging used for the birthday souvenirs

When we delivered the cake to the venue, we met Cedric briefly, and he was carrying the yellow duck in the picture. I guess, it really is his favorite toy indeed. We hope the birthday cake can add to the joyful moment that Cedric's having on his special day. Happy birthday Cedric! :) 

Dumont Cake 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Sweet Surprise

These cupcakes are sent out as a surprise from a friend to brighten Mrs. Anita's special day.
We really enjoy making the cute cupcake toppers, and we love the soft colors!
Hope these cupcakes can bring a smile to it's receiver as it has brought a smile to us while we're making them :)

We wish you a happy.. happy birthday!

Dumont Cake

Friday, May 11, 2012

Dumont Cookie Course

Yesterday, our first official cookie course was held :) 

In this course, students are guided closely on how to make the cookie batter, get the perfect cookie shape, bake the cookies and decorate it.

All materials and ingredients are provided. And the students get to bring home their beautifully decorated cookies plus some extra cookies to enjoy in class *wink* ;)

We have Sharan as our youngest student in the class. She's eleven years old. But her passion in baking and decorating has really been an inspiration to the rest of us in the class :)

The student's amazing cookie results

Group photo shoot!

For more info on our courses, please drop us an email at:

Dumont Cake

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dumont Course: LV Bag Cake

Yesterday, our LV Bag cake course was held.
In this course, students learned how to sculpt a handbag shape. 
Students are guided on how to prepare, sculpt, ganache, cover the cake with fondant and decorate a handbag cake. 

Learning outcomes: 
- Setting up a handbag cake
- Ganaching and covering the cake with fondant  
- Detailing such as handles & zippers 

All the tools and materials for the class are provided. 
Lunch is included and the students get to take home their beautifully decorated handbag cake.

Adding final touch up to the cake

Roll..roll.. roll the fondant

The students with their amazing results! :) 

Group photo shoot

For more info on our courses, please drop us an email at:

Dumont Cake

It's cookies making week!

Last week was our cookies making week. So, we made and decorate these gorgeous cookies!

Cookies for baby one month hampers

Wedding themed cookies

Dumont Cake

Friday, May 4, 2012

Thomas & Friends cake for Chester!

Thomas, James & Percy are here to brighten up Chester's 3rd birthday celebration! :)

Dumont Cake