Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lemon poppyseed cupcake demo @ Interfood 2011

This is a glimpse of the cupcake demo that's been held at Interfood 2011. 
The demonstration includes the making of the yummy lemon poppyseed cupcake and cupcakes decorating. The event was a blast and we really had fun with the audience :) 

Interfood 2011

Next demonstration in the booth... Cupcakes demo at 1 pm.. 




Preparing the ingredients


Mixing.. mixing.. 


Q&A session.. 


Covering the cupcake.. 


Making the cute cupcake toppers.. 


And last but not least.. the croissant making demo that was conducted by PT Pundi Kencana bakers. 
We're lucky enough to get to taste the freshly baked croissant because it was sooo delicious! :) 


See you guys in our next demo! :) 

Dumont Cake

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