Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Angry birds 2-tier cake

Kristin ordered a 2-tier Angry Birds themed cake for her nephew's 3rd birthday. We're so excited with the theme because... we love to play angry birds just like the birthday boy! Hahaha :D 

1st tier: Lapis surabaya with rhum & strarberry jam filling
2nd tier: Mud cake with chocolate ganache filling 

Kristin told me that Gavin loved the cake and up until now, Gavin only gives the 1st tier cake to be cut and eaten.. where he moves all the toppers to the top tier. Even though Kristin is very curious to try the top tier's mud cake, but Gavin didn't let her cut even 1 slice because he still wants to look at all the toppers that he manage to re-arrange by himself on the cake.. :) 

Dumont Cake


  1. Hey!! This angry bird cake is awesome. Want to have a similar one for my son’s birthday party at one of LA event venues as he really like angry birds. It will be really best idea to book such a fabulous cake for the day.